The Importance of Training in All Styles of Dance

Training in all styles of dance gives those interested in learning a choice in the type of training desired. From Ballet to Hip-Hop dance, the decision of the classes to take can depend on the individual taste of the student. Small children who receive exposure to many different dance styles develop good rhythm and movement while cultivating a love for performing arts. Many people assume that it is necessary to limit themselves or their children to one form of dance education. While this can provide choreography during the dance lessons, a one-track focus will limit the overall exposure and experience leading to an unbalanced dance education. To ensure well-rounded dance training, a student should consider taking classes in several forms of dance.

Ballet is one of the oldest dance styles that became a worldwide entertainment source. Ballet is a performance dance that tells a story that originated in the 15th century and further developed into a concert dance form. While there are several types of dance popular at any given moment, most have derived from or include techniques used in ballet. Other dance styles may have derived from the Latin and African American cultures. Ballet training is considered the foundation of any technical dance training and learning ballet will only add to the dance styles that suit you most.

Other types of dance classes popular today are accompanied by ballet for technique training. Jazz Dance includes techniques from all forms of dance; it originates from African American culture and incorporates the essence of Caribbean traditions. Jazz dance is athletic, strong and percussive. Lyrical dance combines ballet with jazz techniques derived from the use of the lyrics of the music, telling a story. Tap dancers use their shoes to create a rhythmic sounds on the floor formed by rapid feet movements. Modern Dance is a freestyle dance based on emotions and feelings, derived from Ballet; it was the basis for Contemporary Dance. Contemporary dance is one of the latest trends. It is derived from ballet, modern and jazz dance. It is used to describe dances that are not classical, but combine numerous elements of various dance forms, focused on a deep plie and strong emotional connection. Acrobatics blends acrobatics with dance techniques and is popular in professional dance theater. Added unique tricks that can be danced through like the veldez, aerial cartwheel or walkover. Hip Hop derived from the hip-hop culture includes break, lock, and pop techniques that dancers generally perform to hip-hop music.

The basic benefits of studying techniques are the same with all dance styles. Tremendous amounts of exercise that implements all major muscle groups in the body keep dancers healthy with a toned physique. While attending dance lessons students develop strength, improve and maintain flexibility, increase balance, and learn body control. Dance classes of any type can instill self-confidence, self-discipline and improve poise and grace.

Whether you are considering professional dance for a career or are just taking lessons for fun, the secret to being well rounded is to welcome training in several forms of dance. Training, exposure, and performing experience balance any individuals dance education. A student that obtains well-rounded dance training with versatility can and will be prepared to promote exposure in a wide-range of activities. This can lead to a broader base for business opportunities and can create confidence and versatility as professional, whether it be in business or dance.

About Shannon Thomas

Author Shannon Thomas is a dance instructor in Daytona Beach, FL. Shannon began dancing at the age of 4 at Debco School of Dance now known as Amanda's Dance Center. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, modern, and musical theater. Shannon attended The Ann Lacy School of Dance and Arts Management at the prestigious Oklahoma City University. She has danced professionally for Shows in a Box Entertainment, The World of Magic and more. She is currently choreographing and teaching dance in the Daytona Beach area.
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