Professional Choreography Provides Energy, Enthusiasm, And Skill

Whether you’re preparing for a dance competition, dance recital, a memorable first dance for your wedding, or you desire a creative and unique approach to any other special event or showcase, hiring a professional choreographer will add professionalism, creativity and overall entertainment value. Learn something new to give you the edge and extra wow factor you need to showcase your talents.

Envision your dream of the perfect wedding reception as you gaze across at your partner. This is your first dance as a married couple, and you want it to flow smoothly and be romantic. Perhaps after a few minutes of dancing together, the parents join in for the fun, and then your bridesmaids step in as backup dancers. The music gets a little crazy, and the synchronized dancing experience becomes something that your friends and family cherish for years to come. It also makes for some great wedding pictures and videos to post on YouTube or Facebook to share with friends and family who couldn’t be there on your special day.

There are plenty of other things you have to worry about when planning your wedding and reception. In order to achieve the first dance of your dreams, you’re going to need a professional choreographer.  A choreographer has the knowledge and experience to get you moving like Dancing with the Stars with just a few lessons. 😉 Plus, it is a very unique bonding experience for you and your partner as you both prepare for your wedding day.

Maybe you’re feeling the pressure of an upcoming dance competition and you want to improve and fine tune your routine.  Many choreographers also take opportunities to look over existing routines in order to make creative changes. Even if you’re an experienced dancer and fully capable of performing the routine at a high level, hiring a choreographer gives the dancer a chance to work with other professionals to expand their horizons and opportunities. Providing a fresh set of eyes and ideas also gives you that edge you’re looking for when competition time arrives.

The Dance Industry is changing rapidly, and hiring a professional choreographer gives you the chance to check out new material in order to bring a new and innovative style to your dancers  and their competitions and performances. Prepare for a journey in which you take your solo or group number to the next level, while simultaneously creating a fun and memorable team-building experience.

You can hire a professional choreographer for any even in which you want to add some extra flavor. Maybe you’re planning a graduation party, or perhaps you want to do something special for a birthday party or anniversary. Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to create an electrifying and unique experience when hiring the services of a professional choreographer.

Choreography can provide you with the creative and unique approach that you desire. Whether you’re planning a special event or trying to gain the edge at an upcoming dance competition, hiring a choreographer is definitely worth the investment, and you’re sure to be moving and making memories like never before.

About Shannon Thomas

Author Shannon Thomas is a dance instructor in Daytona Beach, FL. Shannon began dancing at the age of 4 at Debco School of Dance now known as Amanda's Dance Center. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, modern, and musical theater. Shannon attended The Ann Lacy School of Dance and Arts Management at the prestigious Oklahoma City University. She has danced professionally for Shows in a Box Entertainment, The World of Magic and more. She is currently choreographing and teaching dance in the Daytona Beach area.
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  1. Deb says:

    Shannon and I work together all the time, she is enthusiastic and gives the dancers her all!

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