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Check out this improvisation video of me dancing to “Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson. I love to express the music in this way, it gives me artistic freedom to feel it in the moment.  This movement is directly inspired by the music.

Click here to see more of my videos or subsribe to my YouTube page Dancebrought2u.  Enjoy…


Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through body mind centering, levels, shape and dynamics (see Laban Movement Analysis), sensory experiences through touch or contact improvisation, and perceptual schema.

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One On One: The Benefits of Private Dance Instruction

Shannon Thomas, Choreographer

Private dance instruction is an important part of a dancers growth and development, especially if they are serious about a career in the dance field. Spending one one one time with a qualified instructor gives the dancer the attention needed to hone specific skills and develop stronger technique through positive encouragement and personalized corrections. In a classroom setting, most corrections are general corrections for the entire class, versus the individual. That is why private lessons can be vital to a dancers growth bringing them from average to excellent. There are many advantages to private dance instruction, here are just a few to consider for your dancer.
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