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Perfecting the Pirouette!

Pirouette : a rapid whirling about of the body; especially : a full turn on the toe or ball of one foot. As one of the most common steps known to the average person, the pirouette is a skill that … Continue reading

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Professional Choreography Provides Energy, Enthusiasm, And Skill

Whether you’re preparing for a dance competition, dance recital, a memorable first dance for your wedding, or you desire a creative and unique approach to any other special event or showcase, hiring a professional choreographer will add professionalism, creativity and … Continue reading

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Contemporary Dance, Dancebrought2u

Check out this improvisation video of me dancing to “Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson. I love to express the music in this way, it gives me artistic freedom to feel it in the moment.  This movement is directly inspired by … Continue reading

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One On One: The Benefits of Private Dance Instruction

Private dance instruction is an important part of a dancers growth and development, especially if they are serious about a career in the dance field. Spending one one one time with a qualified instructor gives the dancer the attention needed … Continue reading

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