How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Dance Studio

You need to build an easily recognizable brand if you ever intend to take your dance studio to the highest level. So how do you go about it? There are many ways but few can compete with social media if you have the right strategy. This article will take you through the steps necessary to build a solid brand using social media…
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The Legacy Dance Studio Port Orange and Daytona Beach!

I am excited to announce that I have opened my own Dance Studio in Port Orange!

It is called The Legacy Dance Studio – My dream has always been to own my very own dance studio where I can help shape and mold the next generation of dancers. Continue reading

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What are some of the best pageant talent songs?

Here’s my list for the top pageant talent songs for dancers, ages 15 and up!  music-notes

A pageant song should be age appropriate, entertaining, relatable and highlight the best the performer has to offer. Always remember that showmanship is key when it comes to presenting a fabulous performance at your pageant. Practice your routines religiously and KNOW your music. 🙂


Proud Mary

Let Go

Feeling Good

Le Jazz Hot

Strongest Suite

I wanna dance with somebody

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Streching Tips: How to get your splits



The infamous split.  Every dancer would be lying if they said getting their split wasn’t one of their biggest goals as a young dancer.  So many dance moves revolve around this impressive demonstration of flexibility, it is encouraged from a young age to accomplish both front splits and the side split, or straddle split.  Below are several stretches I have my intermediate students and up do on a weekly basis in jazz, hip hop or acrobatics class.   I have seen great improvement in my students’ flexibility as a whole.  Remember it is important to warm up the muscles and joints with light cardio before stretching and to ease in and out of each stretch to prevent any muscle tearing.  Learning the splits takes time and patience, safety is the first priority. 😉

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Perfecting the Pirouette!

Pirouette positionPirouette : a rapid whirling about of the body; especially : a full turn on the toe or ball of one foot. As one of the most common steps known to the average person, the pirouette is a skill that takes many years and dance technique training to accomplish successfully.  This advice can be used in a turned out or parallel position.  Below are several of my turning tips to help create a consistent, smooth turn. Continue reading

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Professional Choreography Provides Energy, Enthusiasm, And Skill

Whether you’re preparing for a dance competition, dance recital, a memorable first dance for your wedding, or you desire a creative and unique approach to any other special event or showcase, hiring a professional choreographer will add professionalism, creativity and overall entertainment value. Learn something new to give you the edge and extra wow factor you need to showcase your talents.

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How Dance Enhances Childhood Emotional, Physical and Cognitive Development

Dance may very well be one of the most primal forms of human expression. As humans, before we could talk, we communicated through movement. These non-verbal forms of communication laid the mental groundwork for the development of spoken and written language. Children also have a strong connection to non-verbal forms of self expression which form the developmental foundation for their verbal communication skills. Children are also simply natural movers. They move to explore the world, to express their feelings and their thoughts, and they move simply for the joy of moving.

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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Dance

Dancing is known to be a beautiful art form as well as a great way to exercise providing endurance, flexibility, strength, mental mastery and a sense of well being to those that participate.  Not only are the benefits physical, they are mental as well.  Whether you enjoy dance as a beginner or you are a veteran, the health benefits of dancing are no secret to those that have been bitten by the bug, so to speak.  Enjoy my favorite 5 health benefits related to dance.
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A Brief History of Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance Class

Jazz dance is a type of modern dance that is influenced by the rhythms, sounds, and techniques of jazz music. This dance style can be very individualistic because it often focuses on showcasing a dancer’s abilities and athleticism. Most jazz dancers are well-skilled at improvisation.

Jazz dancing has quite a unique history that has been directly influenced by a number of other dance styles. Similar to jazz music, its origins are in African culture and slave traditions. During the 1800s, when African slaves were brought to United States, they were permitted to dance so they could maintain their health and fitness. The dancing continued once they arrived on the plantations.

By World War I, jazz dancing had become an established and popular style. Throughout the early 1900s, African-Americans lead the jazz dancing movement. From there it took ideas from tap, vaudeville, Minstrel shows, swing and even Broadway.
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The Importance of Training in All Styles of Dance

Training in all styles of dance gives those interested in learning a choice in the type of training desired. From Ballet to Hip-Hop dance, the decision of the classes to take can depend on the individual taste of the student. Small children who receive exposure to many different dance styles develop good rhythm and movement while cultivating a love for performing arts. Many people assume that it is necessary to limit themselves or their children to one form of dance education. While this can provide choreography during the dance lessons, a one-track focus will limit the overall exposure and experience leading to an unbalanced dance education. To ensure well-rounded dance training, a student should consider taking classes in several forms of dance.
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